Assets and Fund Management

The assets and fund management industry in Ireland has grown dramatically since the establishment of the International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) over 30 years ago.

Today, Ireland is a leading global centre for asset and fund management with total assets under management in Ireland in 2020 at 5.2 trillion.

Since the financial crisis, the market has seen unprecedented regulatory reform to provide greater transparency, strengthen capital standards and develop market conduct. The industry has had to adapt to major regulatory change such as MiFID II, EMIR and the CRD IV. This raft of new regulation sits alongside pre-existing regulation dealing with ICAAPs, best execution obligations and remuneration.  

We have experience in providing training to and advising major Irish and international financial institutions and corporates on derivatives, including, in particular, EMIR. 

With a continually changing landscape, and the complexities of Brexit, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you with your training, assurance and advisory needs. 

We have significant experience in this sector providing guidance on getting authorised and providing ongoing support.

Why work with us?

  • We know the sector as we have assisted many firms with regulatory authorisation, ICAAP and SEAR.
  • We have deep domain experts who have worked in senior compliance roles at asset and fund management companies so know the industry inside out.
  • We help you interpret complex regulation and are specialists in MiFID II, and SEAR.
  • We thrive on transferring this in-depth knowledge and understanding of the sector to you and your team.
  • We provide you with trusted advice and assurance that adds value.