Here is a selection of feedback comments received from attendees of Compliance Ireland training courses (external and in-house training assignments).

Quotes from Attendees

Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorist Financing

"Very well delivered course, excellent material, clear and concise."

"Very comprehensive and lots of guidance tips on how to interpret as well as how to use the legislation."

"Well researched.  Well presented.  Good direction."

"Kevin made a complex Act easier to apply in a business context.  As a trainer he is engaging and comes across as intelligent and well-informed on the subject and was fully able to respond to all questions."

"Very interesting we got practical examples (e.g. example of a risk assessment).  Very interesting to get a documentation map which is very extensive and which can be used later on as a reference."

"I found the course very enjoyable, clear and concise with very good examples.  Over all the presentation was excellent."

"Very well put together.  Use of examples and "war stories" made a "boring" subject interesting!"

"The trainer was excellent and made all examples industry-specific to cater for all participants."

"Excellent course.  Provides course notes on key topics."


AML in Practice: Implementing Current Leglislation and Guidance

"Overall the information provided was excellent.  The trainer was very good with good delivery."

"Very good & practical."

"Excellent speaker."

Capital Requirements Directive for Investment Firms

"Good course -  a lot of detail to take in."

"Very good overview with great notes."


Central Bank Inspections and Enforcement

"Very informative, giving step by step guidance on inspections.  Good to hear examples also."

"I found the half day very informative - it gave me great insights into the Central Bank inspection area and will be using Compliance Ireland again."

"Very good course.  Case studies make it more relevant."


Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears

"The trainer was very engaging and positive which helped in the communication of the course."


Complaints Handling and Treating Customers Fairly

"The course was very informative, very relevant to our business.  We have a lot of procedures in place so good to see how we are in complying with the code and also the culture which is in company of TCF."

"Was given a clear process for complaint handling which could be implemented if necessary."

"Very informative, excellent pack to take away."

"The course was very informative, very relevant to our business.  We have a lot of procedures in place so good to see how we are in complying with the code and also the culture which is in company of TCF."

Consumer Protection Code

"Excellent.  Easy understood, friendly delivery.  No problem stopping asking questions etc."

"Very useful course."

Corporate Governance

"Trainer's delivery was well presented.  The information was presented and discussed in a very clear and informative manner."

"Very informative to a newly appointed compliance officer."


Data Protection and How to Conduct a Data Protection Audit

"Thanks for a very informative day.  It was very expansive and I will be very busy in the coming months reviewing our clients policy and audit."


Directors Duties and Corporate Governance

"Enjoyed the course and the information/handouts very relevant."


Implementing Fit & Proper in your Business

"Joe was very helpful."

"Excellent information relevant to our business."

"Very useful overview."


Implementing UCITS IV

"Very helpful - thank you.  Very informative."


Introduction to Financial Services Regulation in Ireland

"Very good.  Would recommend."

"This was an excellent course, pitched at the appropriate level; I really learned a lot from it.  The trainer was excellent, very concise and approachable."

"For my experience in particular, the banking industry, I thought the content provided me with a good overview of regulation."


Introduction to Solvency II

"Very worthwhile and relevant.  Very well presented.  Very informative."


Minimum Competency Code

"The course provided an overview of MCC while hitting critical areas and pointing out issues which may exist in regulated entities - very worthwhile course."



"Very useful introduction to PRISM."

"Very clear and relevant presentation."

"The sample questions was very good."


Risk-Based Compliance Monitoring for Financial Instiitutions

"Manual very helpful. Well informed and made relevant."

"Excellent course.  Lecturer knowledgeable/informative/entertaining.  Highly recommend to compliance professionals."

"Course content was excellent as was presentation by the trainer.  Handouts will be very useful for future use."

"Good structure to the course and materials very helpful - additional handouts of legislation and template guides as reference material are very useful and excellent guide for users."


Role of the Compliance Officer

"Very good and well put together course which I will recommend to colleagues within my compliance department."

"Very informative and easy to listen to.  Gives good indication of where my focus should be."

"Good overview to compliance - plenty of food for thought.  The examples used help to clarify issues."

"Very informative, very professionally presented and a great support resource in one folder provided."


Understanding Funds in Ireland

"Course leader, Kevin O'Doherty was very clear and concise in his presentation.  Highly recommended."


Understanding MiFID

"Kevin makes the subject interesting and relevant.  I thoroughly enjoyed the course."

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