EU Press Releases - Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

  1. European Commission - Press release Brussels, 5 April 2017 The Commission welcomes the adoption of its proposal for two Regulations on medical devices which establish a modernised and more robust EU legislative framework to ensure better protection of public health and patient safety.
  2. European Commission - Fact Sheet Brussels, 5 April 2017 Ranging from simple contact lenses and sticking plasters to sophisticated pacemakers and hip replacements, medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices are important to our health and quality of life.
  3. European Commission - Press release Brussels, 7 March 2017 The latest addition to the Copernicus satellite Earth observation family will halve the time needed to provide precision land-use data to benefit farmers, builders, fishermen and anyone who needs rapid access to up-to-the-minute data on conditions on the ground.
  4. European Commission - Upcoming events The news: On 28 February, 400 participants, key industrial players, global trend shapers and high-level EU policymakers will take stock of what the EU's industrial policy has achieved and debate on the future of European industry in Brussels. The background: Europe's industry is strong.
  5. European Commission - Press release Brussels, 15 February 2017 The European Commission is taking further steps against Greece, Italy, Slovakia and Spain to ensure the correct application of the Late Payment Directive (Directive 2011/7/EU) and prevent losses to businesses – particularly, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) - in these countries.
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