Need an independent & experienced non-executive Director?

We made a conscious decision to impose more demanding Corporate Governance standards than those in place in other jurisdictions because Ireland has suffered more than most countries in the financial crisis and we need to get to grips with the home grown elements of that crisis. Stronger remedies are needed here to shake up prevailing corporate governance practices and to improve the reputation of Ireland as an international financial centre.

(Matthew Elderfield, Head of Financial Regulation, Central Bank of Ireland 25 July 2011)


What does Compliance Ireland offer?

If you need a strong, robust, professionally qualified and independent person to act as non-executive director please consider our services. As arguably Ireland's leading independent consultancy firm in financial services, we know the value that independence brings to the board and the performance of your business.

This professional service is provided by Kevin O'Doherty. Kevin is a Chartered Director and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and also holds a Master's Degree in Finance.

Please talk to us to get a full understanding of our unique and independent experience and discover what we can add to your business. Where necessary we can assist you source and assess other persons for your independent non-executive directorship needs.

For further details of our Non-Executive Director services and fees, please contact Kevin O'Doherty in confidence on +353 (0)1 425 5962 or email us.


Our Independence

Compliance Ireland is independent because we do not provide investment, management company, custodial/trustee or administration services to clients.

Fit and Proper

Kevin has been previously approved by the Central Bank as a 'fit and proper' person. Kevin currently serves as a non-executive directors to both regulated and unregulated financial entities.

We have an in-depth knowledge base of company and industry specific regulations. A core facet of independence is this 'fitness' test. Being independent means being properly informed so as to identify, assess and react to complex strategic issues faced by a board. We achieve this standard by:

  • being conversant in specific industry regulations such as MiFID, Insurance/Re-insurance, Banking, UCITS/funds and Intermediary regulations
  • investing in our knowledge base by undertaking post graduate studies and professional qualifications in the field.
  • continual training and presenting to directors and businesses at conferences and seminars on corporate and industry requirements in Ireland and internationally.
  • providing professional advice to a number of businesses on the very same regulatory matters referred to above. So it is a case that we 'practise what we preach.'

Points to consider when choosing a non-executive director

The decision to appoint a non-executive director is an important one. This is more so the case when seeking an independent director. Your candidates should:

  • have relevant and continuing business and specific industry experience,
  • have appropriate qualifications in company direction. The Chartered Director qualification held by Kevin O'Doherty is the leading professional qualification in the field of corporate governance.
  • have a solid understanding of the regulatory and legal environment in which you operate,
  • have the ability to challenge management (where necessary) without interfering with acceptable/appropriate day-to-day executive management practices,
  • have a good grasp of strategy,
  • have recognised professional/educational background and demonstrable continuing professional development,
  • contribute effectively to the board,
  • be able to demonstrate commitment to the role, and
  • be able to give the job the time it requires.

For further details of our Non-Executive Director services and fees, please contact Kevin O'Doherty in confidence on +353 (0)1 425 5962 or email us.


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