Sooner or later you are going to come into close contact with the Central Bank or another regulator. Compliance Ireland can help you.

Compliance Ireland has extensive experience of dealing with the Central Bank and other regulators in supervisory and enforcement actions. Among the services we provide are:


  • Pre-inspection
    • board briefing - covering likely areas of interest and current trends
    • management coaching - what to say and how to describe what you are doing
    • visit planning - how to organise yourselves to deal with the inspection
    • walkthough - we can conduct mock inspection visits to act as a 'mine-sweeper' before the Central Bank visit
  • During the inspection
    • we can assist your firm in the organisation and management of the inspection visit
  • Post-Inspection
    • we can help manage the impact of the initial findings
    • post-visit liaison and correspondence with the regulator
    • findings implementation and rectification advice


The Central Bank has a dedicated Enforcement Division. We have extensive experience of assisting client firms with enforcement actions and potential enforcement actions. We have a broad knowledge of current supervisory and enforcement trends. We have dealt with everything from simple mis-understandings to cessation orders for our clients.

We can help you

  • defuse simple mis-understandings
  • explain and seek mitigation for more significant issues
  • plan strategy for and manage settlement agreements
  • manage sanctions procedure examinations

Call us for a confidential discussion  on +353 (0)1 425 5962 to see what we can do for you.

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