Compliance Ireland specialises in regulatory affairs, primarily for the financial services sector.

We help firms obtain authorisations and assist them to stay authorised and in good standing with their regulator. We deal with all financial business sectors, bringing expertise and experience gained across our broad base of clients to the intricacies and nuances of your business. Our experience ranges from hedge funds and capital market platforms to insurance brokerage and credit unions.

We also help non-financial firms such as professional bodies, academic institutions, trust companies and casinos with their regulatory obligations, particularly in the areas of data protection and anti-money laundering.

Our approach is to take a rounded approach to your business, as business people. We use our professional training and knowledge to analyse the regulations affecting your business. Then we use our business experience to help you deal with them in your specific situation in a sensible, logical way. We help you through the maze. We work with, not against, your lawyers and auditors. We’re always there when you need us.

We’re your trusted advisor.

We help you navigate the mazeThings that we do include:

  • Authorisations
  • Ongoing Compliance Advice
  • Writing Compliance and Operational Manuals
  • Designing and carrying out Risk-Based Compliance Monitoring Plans
  • Implementation Advice
  • Outsourced AML
  • Regulatory Enforcement Advice
  • Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services
  • Pre-Inspection Risk Assessments
  • Relations with Regulators and Government Departments
  • Non-Executive Director Services
  • Independent MLRO Services

…and everything in between! As we say, we help solve your problems.

We also provide training, both public courses and specialised in-house training, on all areas on which we consult.

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